Localization of Internet governance and digital security tools (English-Swahili). This Swahili initiative’s overarching aim is to localize Internet governance and digital safety tutorials, as well as digital security tools through organized edit-a-thons and sprints across East Africa
Our award winning Open Educational Resources for Schools (OER4Schools) initiative, aims to improve learning outcomes among undeserving children from low income families in rural settings, by providing low cost free ICT enhanced learning tools (tablets), books and other learning materials that are age and reading stage appropriate.
The STEAM initiative seeks to mentor rural youth and girls by providing a platform to help them understand the fundamentals of computer programming, and its underlying problem-solving methodology of design thinking. The initiative also donates Science and Mathematics textbooks to rural schools that need them, to improve STEM outcomes.
Schools of Internet Governance (SIGs)
SIGs are a series of Youth Internet governance capacity-building initiative aimed at mentoring students, academics, as well as individuals working in the private sector and; or government, through professional courses on Internet governance and policy.
Invincible minds initiative runs a series of comprehensive educational outreach workshops on mental health issues in the community, in efforts to end mental health stigma and build a community of healthier lives free of mental illnesses.

Our Disaster Risk Reduction and Management symposiums seek to help communities understand various risks and vulnerabilities, and well as measures to mitigate hazards from becoming disasters, thus making communities more resilient.

.Africa Domain Initiative

A symbol that embodies the

opportunities of The Bright Continent.

.africa is for organisations, businesses and people that embrace the optimism, resilience, ingenuity and dynamism of The Bright Continent.

The benefits of a .africa domain name include showcasing the brand and it’s commitment to the African continent, establishing a home for Africa-specific products and services, expanding the brand’s regional influence and acquiring valuable online real-estate in a fast-growing and high-potential market.

Registering and activating a .africa domain is easy. Let’s go Africa.


.ke Domain Initiative

dotke domain

Let’s take Kenya to the world,

get an identity for your business.

A .ke domain name is one of the most valuable assets for a Kenyan business that has a strong online presence. To create a serious online presence, move away from the social free aspect that you have and get a domain name that speaks about you. A domain that speaks about your identity. A domain that gives you pride and credibility.

The .ke domain is the initial step in facilitating the growth and uptake of the Internet sub-sect ICT in Kenya. So, come, let’s take Kenya to the world, register a .ke today.



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